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Welcome to the Quake Champions forum…come in and explore the various content and discussions about the classic shooter.

Quake Champions is the latest instalment from the iconic Quake series from developing giants id software and publishers Bethesda Software. It has all the classic elements of this fast-paced shooter, as well as a range of new and exciting features. If you love Quake and Quake III Arena, this is the perfect chance to further explore this exciting universe.

The game is currently early access, with more updates and features being added all the time. The game manages to blend everything that made the original titles so amazing, as well as bring a fresh lease of life to this instalment. Quake Champions features unique characters that each have their own skill set, abilities, and attributes. This means that games are more dynamic and frantic, and can change depending on the character you choose.

With the addition of the Champions, new and experienced players will find themselves on a level playing field. Although there are still features such as rocket jumps, fast-paced shooting, and gory deaths, there are now more tactical and skill-based elements to consider. You’ll have to experiment with the Champions to determine which one best suits you playstyle.

There are also plenty of new weapons to enjoy, as well as all of the traditional ones. The same applies to the game modes on offer. You can play Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch, as well as the new Sacrifice mode and 1v1 duels.

Ultimately, this is an exciting title that lives up to expectations. If you’re a fan of the originals or want to try out a new shooter, this is the perfect game for you. Here on the Quake Champions forum, you can connect with many like-minded players.