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The online Football Manager, also known by its shortened version OFM has been available since early 2003. It is a free-to-play, browser based game that raises the bar for Football-Management games and offers countless hours of entertainment. You become the manager of your very own football club. As such you are tasked with various functions such as; devising the line-up and strategy of your team. Daily league games will keep you on your feet and provide you with plenty of work. Depending on your opponent's, their fitness and statistics you will have to adapt your team and its strategies. Trophies and titles can be fought for and won, just like in reality and allow for diverse gameplay. The games are scheduled to be played every evening and don’t require your attendance. Should you choose to be present, that is - of course - always an option.

The games are played automatically and are decided due to several factors, such as your team’s fitness and overall team strength. You can comfortably save, adapt and access your team’s loadouts. You have a plethora of options to choose from and it may require finesse to get them just right. To ensure your players work well together you can engage in the active transfer market and recruit players whose qualities complement each other perfectly. Especially the young players have the potential to become incredibly profitable as their resale values rise. In addition to managing your team, you will heed the financial aspects of your club, develop your stadium and manage sponsors, loans and a youth team.

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