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Welcome to the Rift Forum...

Rift is a fantasy free to play MMORPG developed and released by Trion world in March 2011 across three continents. The game is available on Windows and was called Heroes of Telera while still in alpha mode.

The game takes place in the world of Telara, a place where the four elements overlap and overtaken by the forces of an evil dragon. Players take on the roles of the Ascended, superhuman resurrected warriors who will defeat Regulos and cleanse the planet of war. The players can choose from the two factions that oppose the dark force: the Guardians and the Defiant. The Guardians rely on the gods of Telara and include the sub classes-elves, Mathosians and dwarves; while the Defiant rely on science and include the Eth, Bahmi and Kelari classes. He players can choose from any one of these classes before partaking in the game.

The purpose of the players is to seal the rifts appearing in the planet's environment and fight the monsters that the rifts spawn. Once a player enters a rift zone, they are automatically assigned a group in which they can try to seal the breach. Players can also battle NPCs and invaders. The game also has dungeon instances, where the players fight enemies in teams of up to 5 players to gain rewards and money. Player avatars are highly customizable, and players are given the opportunity to save roles for their characters, allowing them to switch characteristics and skills as needed.

Rift gaming forums allow player interaction gives them an opportunity to form teams, offer and receive suggestions on improved gameplay as well as leave suggestions on updates.