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There are many great reasons for exploring the world of Tribal Wars 2. Players can build villages to expand their empires, protect their people from enemies and form alliances with other players to form enormous tribes in the sequel to the original online strategy game from InnoGames. The action starts in a war-torn medieval universe, and players are tasked with growing their empire to ensure survival. Your strength and strategic skills will be pushed the limit as you aim to reach your goals.

You will need to assemble your army by recruiting soldiers and training them to the highest standard and get axemen and spear fighters on board. The game is free-to-play and features significant graphic and interface improvements. Army movements can be followed on the map in real-time. The game has proved popular not only with Tribe Wars fans but new players too.

Finding other players to join your battle is the key to success as is forging alliance with other tribes. The game can be played on mobile devices and in your browser, and you can use the same account no matter which machine you are using. Put your tablet down and recommence on your laptop later, it really is that simple. There are 16 different types of buildings to choose from and you can wage war with 16 different types of unit. Army presets can be used to plan attacks and you can easily exchange resources with other players.

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