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Welcome to the Kanpani Girls Forum...

RPG adventures for your browser have never looked so good. Being a CEO of an all-female mercenary company is no simple task. You have to select carefully from the mix of characters' skills in order to thwart enemy plotters and bring in the cash. Discovering weapons, building your company culture, bringing in wandering heroes and constructing R and D centers for new breakthroughs - these are some tasks that can earn success.

Cleric, Archer, Rogue, Ronin, Warrior, Soldier, Fighter and Magician: these are the eight different heroes from which you can choose. Choose wisely! Entering buildings will boost your capacity, strength and influence, and you can tell your team to set forth on dangerous tasks across the globe and gather resources home. Recruits will need adequate training. Money matters, and you'll need to manage facilities well. You can enjoy various missions and fight in large battlefields. Create the most formidable team you can by picking and nurturing five warriors to become the best.

In Nutaku’s Kanpani Girls, all characters have individual values and skills, with all heroes having stats like defense, vitality, strength and agility. Join activities to boost your XP and replenish all your stamina by leveling up. Stamina is called ‘bread’ in the game and is consumed when you complete missions. Premium currency comes in the form of stones, which you can use for buying resources and reduce the time it takes to upgrade buildings. Gold is the other currency and can be obtained as mission reward.

Visiting gamers in the Kanpani Girls forum can exchange all kinds of ideas, discoveries, tips and tricks to building the strongest teams and enjoy the game to its fullest.