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Welcome to the Life is Feudal Forum....

It's a very large, persistent world in the sandbox MMO Role-Playing Game 'Life is Feudal'. Players can build up their homes into a kingdom to become a highly powerful figure in politics and trade. Then comes the task of cementing such a status as one of the most respected names on the battlefield. The game is published by Sandbox and offers large-scale PvP. You’ll start the game with only modest resources before advancing into a hugely influential character. You can transform your world using various resources and will build castles, moats and homes.

The game has a huge guild system, and you can take part in massive guild wars. Life is Feudal servers are designed to cater for over 10,000 players, and the game has a player-influenced economy. You can join a guild or create your own, and collaborate with others to take part in sieges and territory claims. You can leave a deep legacy by influencing the history and landscape of the world heavily. 500 different items can be crafted via construction, cooking, taming, forging, mining and more. Provide your units with bonuses and attack your opponents by stabbing, swinging and more.

With Life is Feudal: Your Own, the developers brought in races of humans who have distinctive traits and physical appearances. These races are Gottlung, Khoor and Slavard.

Visitors to the Life is Feudal gaming forum can contribute to all kinds of ideas, tips and strategies to increase their appreciation and mastery of the experience.