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Welcome to Hex Shards of Fate Forum...

Hex: Shards of Fate is an MMOTCG (massively multiplayer online trading card game) developed and published by Cryptozoic Entertainment. The game was released to audiences in January 2016 and is available to play on Windows, IOS and OS X platforms.

A trading card game, shards of fate allows players to customise their decks and battle NPCs and other players. Players can assume the roles of champion heroes and choose their deck of cards to fit their playstyle. The champion style chosen by the player allows abilities in battle and determines the paly style.

Once the player has chosen their character description, they need to complete a series of training games that will teach the basics and give awards for customising decks and completing the training levels. Players can then start battling players and NPC’s to earn money and points. The money can then be used to purchase new card decks and update existing cards.

Players start the game by drawing 7 cards and can summon monsters and creatures to aid them in battle by drawing resource cards. The goal is to reduce the opponent’s health level to zero or to send all their cards to the graveyard to win the game. Once the player is confident in their ability as a card trader, they can proceed to the Frost Ring and Battle NPCs for gold and money. The build of the card deck and the method of drawing cards is a huge factor in determining the outcome of the game, so players should devise strategies as the game progresses.

Game forums allow players to build strategies, discuss new card tricks, interact with fellow players and find opponents to battle in PvP mode.