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Welcome to the SoulWorker forum… this is a place where you can discuss all things related to this popular MMORPG.

SoulWorker is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game from Lion Games. It’s a title that’s free to play and has been released on a number of different platforms. Since its release in 2018, the developers have continued to support the game and add new content.

SoulWorker takes places in the stunning anime-inspired world of the Cloudrealm. In this abandoned city, fearsome monsters roam the streets. As you play through the game, you’ll get a glimpse into the tragic past of this once beautiful city. It’s up to you to reverse the sad fate; if you’re powerful enough.

Each player can choose their character and customize them. You’ll also receive a powerful weapon known as a Soul Worker. As you progress through the game, you can collect materials and level up your weapon, tailoring it to your playstyle. You can initially choose from a scythe, chainsaw, pistols, sword, and great sword. Each of these has a unique set of moves and abilities, giving you freedom to experiment and choose one that works for you.

Combat in SoulWorker is fluid and intuitive. As you string combos together, you’ll feel like you’re smashing enemies and dealing huge amounts of damage. You’ll come up against a wide variety of enemies, monsters, and bosses as you explore the world of the Cloudrealm. There are also over 100 PVE dungeons. However, if you’re more of a PVP fan, you can also take on your fellow players in specific zones.

On the SoulWorker forum, you can connect with other gamers who enjoy this title. Team up, start duels, and discuss the lore and developments in this game.