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Royal Quest is a compelling MMO experience from the people that brought you King’s Bounty and Space Rangers. Players get the chance to conquer castles, take part in Guild Wars, play against others in special PvPvE locations or alone. The free-to-play game is set in Aura, a fantastical, magical world full of technology.

Players can topple their enemies by learning which skills and weapons will be the most effective against them. The game offers thrilling PvP and PvE content, and players can make their way through a series of levels, whilst building up their power and talent levels to further enhance their reputation in Aura. There are more than 100 outdoor locations to explore as well as multi-floor dungeons. Almost 1000 different quests involving group and individual play can be completed, and over 200 unique monsters can be taken on. You can even summon pets to follow and capture loot for you.

You can make full use of the skills and talents system and combine them to gain extraordinary results through for each of the 8 classes. Battles take place in environments including Castle Sieges, Battlegrounds and PvP arenas, and players can earn the chance to control Castles and wider areas along with their Guild. Royal Quest was first released in 2014 and has won great reviews from a number of experienced gamers over the years.

You can use the Royal Quest forum to share tricks, find players, talk about your gameplaying experiences and more.