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Welcome to the My Bankai Forum...

My Bankai, or Bleach: Brave souls, is an anime-based free to pay mobile game released to the anime fandom in March 2016. Developed by KLab Games, the game is a 2D phone game that allows players to buy certain features but offers enough for free that players don’t have to be forced to spend money.

Set in the anime world of Bleach, the player takes on the character of the anime and carries on through the game to complete quests, finish missions and undertake challenges. The game offers a story mode, as well as single and multiplayer options that lead to hours of gameplay. Players can choose more than one characters in some modes and pit them against other players in order to compete for ranks. A limited number of 5 PvP games are allowed per day. Some C-op quests are also available to interested players, who can join up with three other players and play to complete challenges.

Other than the gaming modes, Bleach also offers a series of weekly quests that are based on anime story plots and reward the players with rare items and points. Even if the players are unable to complete the quests, they are rewarded experiences points. The gem makes use of in-game currencies to enable players to purchase weapons, items, characters and skills.

The forum of the My bankai game provides a platform for gamers to catch up to the anime story plot, match up to opponents for PvP games, build teams for co-op quests and interact with the community around the fandom.