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Welcome to the Delta Wars forum! This content is aimed to help players discuss, collaborate, and find other like-minded gamers to explore Delta Wars with.

Studio Hoppe has released a number of real-time strategy games, including Delta Wars. This is a browser-based RTS that has many of the classic elements of this type of game, as well as expansive multiplayer maps. It’s possible to play with hundreds of people from across the globe.

Delta Wars focuses very much on strategy and tactics. You’ll start the game by establishing a base, and then it’s a race against time to gather resources, build units, fortify your base, and expand your territory. You’ll be vying for land with other players, and it’s up to you whether you ally with them or crush them under your military might.

The game features many contemporary military vehicles, including tanks, aircraft, FAVs, and missiles. All of these cost resources, so you’ll have to balance your spending with your gathering efforts. And don’t forget, you can’t leave your base exposed for too long. Enemy players will be waiting in the wings to take over your territory.

Once you’ve developed the technology, you can use spy planes and other surveillance aircraft to keep an eye on what others are doing. Whether you join forces with them or engage in battle is entirely up to you. Just make sure that you don’t let your guard down; your new-found allies could soon have a change of heart about the arrangement.

The Delta Wars forum encourages players to discuss topics surrounding the game. You’ll find the community to be welcoming and open to ideas. It’s also the perfect way to find opponents to play with or against.