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Thanks for checking out the Islandoom forum. Discover content and conversations about this highly enjoyable strategy game.

Islandoom is a free-to-play strategy game that’s browser-based. The game has received high user ratings and was released by developers Bloomga S.A. It features many classic strategy elements as well as some modern twists. Players are given the chance to battle it out across a series of large maps that span land and sea. Like with other RTS games, you must construct a base, build an army, and take down your enemies.

In addition to the standard real-time strategy formula, you’ll also be given the chance to take part in PVP duels, as well as play online multiplayer co-op. The beauty of Islandoom is that you can play it in almost any modern web browser so you can log on from wherever you are.

Resource gathering and economy building are key parts of this game. You’ll need money and material to construct a variety of different military units. However, your rivals will also be vying for the same resources. You have to either cooperate with or eliminate them.

The game features over 50 different types of ships, as well as 20 different buildings. Each brings its own unique advantages to the game, so you’ll have to make sure you can adjust your strategy based on your opponents’ movements. Remember; if you leave your base exposed for too long, enemy players will sweep in and eliminate you.

Choose between different factions, each with their own playstyles and attributes. Strive for world domination by diplomacy or destruction!

The Islandoom forum is the ideal place to meet other players who are enthusiastic about the game. You can swap stories and find worthy opponents.