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Welcome to the Dragon Blood Forum...

Dragon Blood is a free to play, action-based MMORPG available on browsers. Released and developed by 101XP studios, the game was published in April 2016 and is made for PC use specifically. The game was released worldwide and is available to anyone who has access to the game’s website.

Set in a fantasy land, the player wakes up after a deep sleep lasting several hundred years to find the land attacked by evil forces. The player has to fights these hordes of enemies with the help of the dragons that will obey your character’s every beck and call. The player is offered only two class choices at the start of the game but is given more options as the game progresses. As the game advances, the character gains more experience and gains new abilities.

The player can customise the character's appearance and powers as the game progresses. The avatars battle enemies and explore the terrain, complete missions and quests and take part in challenges to gain XP and points. Gameplay is turn-based; the players are allotted time turn by turn to carry out their moves and study their enemies to use their strengths to their best advantage. From the customizable characters to the myriad of pets and limitless landscapes available to explore, the game is an adventure on screen.

The Dragon Blood forum provides the players with a platform to enlist the help of other players within their games, to discuss battle strategies and plan moves.