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Star Conflict is an exhilarating third person MMO space shooter that allows players to take control of a starship and engage in blistering battles to gain control of ancient alien artefacts. The game is set three decades after the first colony ships exited planet earth, with the galaxy now consisting of a number of huge star empires and independent groups including the Empire, Jericho and the Federation.

A whole world has been abandoned in a remote part of the galaxy called Sector 1337, where the ruins of a civilisation of Aliens have been unearthed. Mercenaries have entered the sector to loot artefacts without sparing a second thought for danger. Although many disappear, a number are continuing to travel ot the Sector to obtain riches. Players can take control of a range of battleships with the aims of commanding their own fleet. Ships can be used for many purposes, including hinting enemies, winning ally support and exploring the area. A vast range of weapons and gadgets can be obtained to support your quest, and you can build an alliance to form a formidable team of elite pilots and cement your place in history. Boost your skills as a pilot as you go and thwart mercenaries whilst the galaxy is on the verge of out-and-out war.

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