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The game is an online browser based formula 1 racing game developed and released in August 2006. The game is a sports management racing game that offers its players everything they could want in an online racing game. While it is free to play, players have to register and stay on the waiting list for a few days until the account is approved by the GPRO team.

The player is given a team of racers and has to manage a driver and the team through 17 races which will result in approximately 2 months of vigilant gameplay. Races are held twice a week in which the players have an option to take part in. In between races, users have the time to update their cars, conduct tests, manage the team and improve the characteristics of the whole team. Players are given a budget of around 30 million dollars at the start of the game. This money then has to be utilised wisely in hiring a driver for your race cars, updating your fleet and repairing race cars and upgrading your racing facility into a state of the art building.

Players have to carry out business deals with drivers and set a fixed contract with the drivers. Money is won after every game, depending on performance. Players can also sign up sponsors and negotiate with them throughout the season. After you have set up your driver and race facilities, you can practice with 8 free laps. Each lap comes with a replay facility that helps you evaluate your performance. Beginners start of in the Rookie league, and advance as they perform better until the final Elite class is reached.

Gaming forums of GPRO allow players to find sponsors and drivers, discuss negotiation techniques and figure out new racing methods.