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Welcome to Atlas Reactor forums... Feel free to use this area to share tips, offer new ideas, make suggestions about further updates and improvements, troubleshoot and more.

AtlasReactor forums are gateways into the world of Atlas Reactor - a turn by turn, PvP, team tactics game developed by Trion Worlds. The game was released in October 2016 and has a trial until you buy a policy, which allows the players a taste of the game. Freedom to play is granted after the game is purchased. The game has been received well by critics and labelled ‘unique and fresh” in its approach and concept.

Atlas is a megacity, inhabited by humans, hybrids and robots controlled by trusts. Players are assigned the roles of Freelancers, controllers of the Atlas reactor- a great technologically advanced mega-source of energy that fuels the city and its inhabitants and has to fulfil their contracts for the trusts to maintain control of the reactor. The game offers various built-in and custom game modes and allows two different ways to take turns. The decision mode allows players 20 seconds to strategize, select actions and implement them. The resolution mode executes the actions planned in 4 steps sequentially.

Once you complete a level, you can move up the seasons. As you advance, you open up multiple chapters, called Missions, which allow you to unlock animated sprites that can aid you in the main game. The game also features daily challenges which grant XP and the change to progress up a season faster. Atlas reactor has a few introductory tournaments, offered by eSports organisations such as ESL and PrepPhase.

The Atlas Reactor forums can be utilised to share tips, build teams, decide and invent new strategies and actions, and decide action plays. Players can find out information about Seasons, Missions and tournaments, as well troubleshoot and suggest updates.