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Welcome to the Blast Breaker Forum... Feel free to use this area to share your tips, new ideas, make suggestions about further updates and improvements, troubleshoot and more.

Blast Breaker is a side-scrolling action MMO featuring three playable characters that put an ancient evil over planet Xylon. Each character has a story arc, a special attack and various skills which need to be employed carefully. The characters unleash the evil accidentally after they have entered an ancient ruin. After this, they need to travel across the planet to kill the Blasters to prevent complete destruction. There are several quests and objectives.

The characters themselves are Scout Elona, Witch Stella and Swordsman Alan. Which one you go with may depend on your favoured style of playing. Players can explore the game world as they wish and take on devastating, infinitely-spawning monsters as they make their way between towns. You can also gather and level up a host of skills and use them strategically before showcasing your ultimate move to gain victory.

In Blast Breaker, Objectives are goals where players can command their characters. This could mean fighting in a Freedom Field with the respawning monsters or embarking on missions involving fighting Blasters and protecting and collecting key objectives. The planet Xylon is part of the Irilspiral universe, and the beings known as Khala once lead a peaceful life before the ancient evil was accidentally let loose. Are you ready to take on the Blasters and save the planet Xylon?

For all your Blaster-breaking needs, there's no better place to stop by and seek precise answers (helping others too) or just share your impressions. Why not contribute something today?