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Welcome, challenger, to the War Robots forum. This is a place for you to talk about all things related to this exciting game.

War Robots is a game that was previously called Walking War Robots. It’s a third-person multiplayer online shooter that’s free to play. Although much of the game focuses on PVP combat, there are some single player aspects to it. The game initially launched on iOS, and now has an Android and Steam version.

The game sees players take control of giant battle mechs as they fight for domination on a live battlefield. You have to choose whether to go it alone or team up with other players as you fight your way across one of the game’s 12 randomly assigned maps. Each of these levels has a different structure and requires different tactics and approaches to the game.

War Robots features a variety of different game mode. There is the classic Deathmatch and Domination games, as well as Skirmish, Free for All, and Beacon Rush modes. You can play with up to 6v6, with each team starting on opposite sides of the map. You will then have roughly ten minutes to eliminate your enemies.

This is a game that’s suitable for casual and serious gamers. There is a league system and competitive modes that you can win trophies in, as well as standard un-ranked matches. If you take part in ranked games, you can earn gold that’s used to purchase in-game items.

Here on the War Robots forum, you can find other players who enjoy the game as much as you. It’s a great place to discuss strategies and results, as well as connect with potential teammates and rivals. Join the discussion today.