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Thanks for visiting the Stonies forum! Here you can find all of the info, tips, and tricks, about this popular title.

Stonies was released by developer upjers in 2017. It was initially a browser based game, but now has versions on iOS, Android, and Steam. It’s a Stone Age simulation game with elements of survival and base building. Players must build an entire civilization from scratch and keep them surviving through history.

Stonies are the characters that you’ll control in this game. Initially, you start out with just one solitary unit. You must guide this Stonie through the tutorial before partnering them up and starting a family. From this small beginning, you can start a whole tribe. Each Stonie has their own unique skills and talents, acting as the workforce that builds, gathers, and hunts. You’ll have to expand your reach if you’re to survive, exploring the lands around you in search of resources.

Another key aspect of Stonies is the romancing and family mechanic. You’ll have to pair off your villagers to keep the population rising, as they marry, have children, and for alliances. It’s a game that focuses on both life simulation and tycoon-style gaming. As you grow your village and empire, you will level up your skills and abilities, making it easier to thrive.

The 3D and cartoonish nature of the animation is charming and engaging. With so many ways to play the game, it’s the perfect title to take with you on the go. On the Stonies forum, you can discuss all matters related to the game. Whether it’s chatting about the best strategies in the game or sharing pictures and videos of your civilization, it’s a great place to meet fellow enthusiasts.