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Welcome to the Twin Saga Forum...

Twin Saga is an anime-inspired F2 MMORPG published by X-Legand and Aeria Games. Following a lengthy war between twin goddesses, you are casted as the last hope for humanity and most ensure its survival. Classes can be switched on the fly so you can adapt to any challenges, and combos and Ultimate Moves can be unleashed to crush your opponents. You have the option of collaborating with friends or recruiting senshi, who are powerful warriors fully-equipped to support you.

The game’s most talked-about feature is the Terracottage, which is a sort of mobile home with a greenhouse, a holographic trophy room and crafting stations. The Terracottage enables you to move around the game world quickly or socialise in the main hall, which can be decorated.

Each class has three unique Ultimate Moves which can completely change the nature of a battle immediately. Ultimate Moves also have stunning animations that can change depending on how many monsters you devastate. Swordmasters have vast experience behind them and are able to completely outwit their opponents with complex tactics before they strike fatal blows. You can change your class and skills anywhere, at any time whilst you explore a stunning, living and breathing anime world.

Join the forums today if you are interested in optimising the Twin Saga experience. You can use the forums to trade tips and tricks, find new players, share stories about your Twin Sage experiences and make suggestions on how the game could be improved in the future.