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Eternal Edge + is a game from developer Righteous Weasel Games that blends elements of action, adventure, and roleplaying games. It’s available to play on Steam and Nintendo Switch, and sees players take on the role of a hero named Cross. Your mission is to take on the Lord of the Dead, an evil skeleton king bent on destruction.

The game takes its inspiration from titles such as The Legend of Zelda, including its rich, open world, charming NPC interactions, and a wide variety of quests. In the world of Little Kingdom, you’ll have many different areas to explore, including rivers, mountains and wide open plains.

As you play though Eternal Edge +, you’ll have to take on a variety of different challenges and fights. The combat is intuitive and fluid, and the story lovingly detailed. You’ll get the chance to upgrade your weapons and armour, and learn new spells.

Here on the Eternal Edge + forum, you can talk tactics, swap stories, and meet new friends to play with.