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Welcome to the Metal Assault Forum...

Published and developed by Warportal, Metal assault is a side sliding shooter MMO that was released In March 2016. The game is a free to play combat based 2D game that offers a gameplay similar to the Metal Slug series.

The game is set in the same universe as a Metal Slug and adopts the same gameplay in a multiplayer mode. Players can take their pick of one of the game's four characters: Carl, Marie, Burton and Ai, representing defence, sharpshooting, strength and tactical expertise respectively. The characters have unique abilities and attributes that give each player a distinct edge. The game allows three different modes: Solo, PvP and team modes. Players can play with the environment of the game on their own or with friends and team members in player vs. player co-op modes.

The PvP modes of the game support up to 8 characters at one time and allow gameplay within the lobby. Apart from the quests and missions available within the game, players can populate the town with their characters and explore the three zones of the town. Visit the Military zone for training and battling NPCs, take a stop at the commercial area to customise and enter the Town Square where the government resides. Characters can control a variety of vehicles and battle zombies in a variety of game modes.

The gaming forums provide a unique platform for users to get in touch with team members, find players for co-op games and PVP modes and discuss as well as gain ideas from other player’s regarding battle plans.