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Welcome to the Animal Jam forums. Feel free to use this area to share tips, offer new ideas, make suggestions about further updates and improvements, troubleshoot and more.

Animal Jam is a incredibly popular game aim at children in particular, giving players the chance to become different animals and engage with a visually-stimulating dreamlike world. The highly-educational game has the backing of National Geographic and is designed to help users learn about animals, obtain new facts about the natural world and interact with other players. The game allows users to watch videos about animals whilst they are playing and is set in the exotic world of Jamaa, which is home to various environments and ecosystems.

Players are referred to as Jammers and can talk to other children from across the globe as they play. Animal Jam was created to offer children a safe and fun world to play online whilst learning more about the natural world. Constant improvements are being made to the game, with developers always working on new updates to further enhance the experience. Parents can rest assured that highly-experience moderators are in place to ensure kids remain safe whilst playing the game. Mums and dads gain control over account settings and can manage chat privileges. The game is also free from advertising and has a robust privacy policy.

Jammers can customise their animals with different colours, patterns, cloths and more, and can also add various items to their dens to personalise them. Photos and facts about plants and animals can be stored in players’ Journey Books for players to look at later. Parents can use the forum to share tips, tricks and make suggestions about future changes to Animal Jam.