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Stormfall: Age of War enables players to take control of huge armies as well as mythical beings, build vast piles of gold and explore the lost arts of war as they aim to become the most powerful Lord in Stormfall history. The Massively Multiplayer Online Real-time Strategy (MMORTS) title allows you to explore the dark fantasy world of Darkshine and take on Balur and his Black Horde, who are hell-bent on returning the world into chaos and eliminate the races of Man, Elf and Shade.

Your task as a Lord is to unite your armies and work with other Lords to prevent Darkshine’s worst nightmares from turning into reality. Combat your challenges to become the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms and use your strategic skills to earn various Individual and League achievements and obtain exciting attributes. You must develop your Castle into a formidable stronghold to save yourself and your people. The Castle will be subject to seemingly-endless enemy attacks but will also be your greatest source of resources and wealth as well as the base of your powerful army. The choices you make will determine the outcome, so think very deeply about each and every move that you make and manage your three primary sources, iron, gold and food carefully.

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