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Crossfire is an online tactic and strategy game developed by South Korean developer SmileGate, released in 2007. The game was published by Neowitz in Korea and Tencent in China. One of the highest grossing games in the world, the game got its very own movie in 2015.

The game features two mercenary companies, Black List and Global Risk, fighting each other in a global battle. With a first-person shooter view, the players can choose to be a part of either team and battle the rival in a group of 8 players. Gameplay supports a fight between a maximum number of 16 players at a time, with the exception of Zombie and Wave modes. Players are initiated into the game as trainees and progress up the military ranks to reach the highest level of Marshall. Using the game currency (GP), players can buy additional merchandise within the game. Currency can be earned through playing matches, fulfilling missions and gaining grants. Players can customise and modify the appearance and weapons of their characters using these add-ons.

Several gaming modes are available to the player in each version of Crossfire, with some modes allowing teams of up to 8 players to single player mode. The game is mostly based on the real world, with the settings changing dynamically and the weaponry modelled on real life army weapons. The characters featured represent real militant groups as well as mutants.

Crossfire forums allow users to build teams, discuss play strategies, and find opponents as well as give suggestions to improve bugs and provide updates.