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Welcome to the Forum for Crossout mechanics and survivors. Feel free to use this area to offer new ideas, tips about how the game is evolving, update suggestions about what could be improved, troubleshoot and more....

Joining the Open Beta of Crossout is no trip for the weak of heart. In this post-apocalyptic MMO Action battler you'll need creativity, an eye for turning twisted metal into gold and some dead-eye driving skills carved from the ashes of many wrecks! Forge your original metallic machines from heaps of swap-able components and obliterate your enemies in high-octane PvP online clashes! Creativity from players is stretching this title in all directions beyond its basic concept.

With an advanced and evolving damage model, this means that taking out any part of an enemy's vehicle will affect its particular performance. And this includes a massive array of weapons from machine guns to rocket launchers, stealth generators to custom drones.

How's your workshop? Are you inventing some awesome new parts to auction at the marketplace in the game? What's the best thing you've sold, or your most prized items? In Crossout, any broken slice of metal garnered from battle smash-ups can potentially be sold to other players.

Next... battle strategies! Which ones do you favor and which ones have cost you some severe setbacks... It's no easy thing to find your way in the dark where the only thing that matters is Survival via Victory! You might hear what other battle-scarred mechanics have to say in the Crossout Forum.

The title is a living and breathing machine itself, in a state of constant design by its developers, with fresh game events arising to stimulate more creative ways to build and destroy. You've got to be in, not just to win, but to see if your vehicle holds together...

There is lots to learn and to discuss. Check in now and then and see what other road warriors are building, what good trades are available and the best battle strategies other PVP survivors would suggest.....You might just last a bit longer...