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Welcome to the Under Control Forum....

Under Control is a free-to-play game that can be enjoyed on social media and via your browser. Players can build bases, fight for control of valuable and scarce resources and do everything in their power to liberate countries from the evil dictator General Krieg. Collaborate with other players to build formidable alliances and lead a rebel army with a sizeable arsenal. Investment in technology and first-class technical planning will put you in the best position for achieving your goals and bringing freedom to the whole planet.

You can also fight other players in real time PvP battles, using your skill and knowledge to outwit your challenges. Play General and take the fight to your opponents. To be triumphant and free the nations of the world you’ll need to balance your military assets, resources and manage diplomatic relations with the utmost care.

The game is set in 2048 and features a variety of gameplay styles. It is a massive multiplayer real time strategy game and has become one of the most popular of its type in recent years. The game requires you to build the strongest base you can so you can liberate the planet and make General Krieg history.

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