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Sparta: War of Empires is a MMORTS or Massively Multi-player Real Time Strategy Game game set in ancient Greece in 5th century BC. It allows players to utilise ancient weapons, build their resources and control ancient warriors in order to claim the throne of Sparta. Players are tasked with taking on Xerxes and his vast Persian Empire to prevent them from conquer Greece and destroying the lands of Hellas. As leader and Archon of your City, you must build a formidable army, build your City from the ground up and collaborate with other players to rescue Greece.

The game is also known as SWoE and is published by Plarium. You’ll receive assistance from King Leonidas to meet your aims and get the chance to upgrade structures and expand borders whilst gaining precious resources. You can also conquer other cities and take their resources. Build offensive and defensive military units to strengthen your cause and choose strategies and tactics that reflect your own unique plating style. There are many objectives to complete as you cement your place in history and lead your Spartan army to success. Users can acquire premium currency during quests. The game has been praised for its audio and visual effects and become one of the most popular in its field over recent years.

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