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Welcome to the Dofus Forum...

Dofus is a Flash-based MMORPG which focuses on tactics and strategies. Published and developed by Ankama Games, a French game developer, Dofus was made available to audiences in September 006 and has been since updated twice. Players have to pay to access the full version of the game, however, still can access a limited amount of free play.

Dofus is set in the fantasy land, “the world of 12”, named after the 12 gods that call that world home. The players are given control of a 2D avatar belonging to one of 17 classes of character. The game is viewed from a third party view. Each class has a special set of spells and powers that the other classes do not have. As the players gain experience, they advance in levels and points, which they can win by completing quests and missions. At every hundred level mark, players gain special "auras" and gain access to new powers and equipment. Guilds can be joined to gain support from a team and easily coordinate around the game. Players are allotted one of three professions during the game, which they have to specialise in as the game progresses.

Once the game is played in real time, it takes on a combat mode. The players can take turns to make a series of moves and attack the enemies. Once the fight commences, no other player is allowed to interfere until the fight is finished. The players can play against each other or monsters within the game.

The forums allow players to find teams to coordinate with, discover new guilds, design and discuss strategies and suggest improvements.