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Bleach Online is a browser based 2D PVP game developed by go-games. The game is a strategy combat game that became available online to audiences in 2016. Based on anime with a rich backstory, the game has gotten mediocre reviews from critics. Played in a first person POV, the players set out on a quest to find their forgotten memories and on their journey befriend Ichigo and his group. However, due to Aizen’s evil plot, the gang is misjudged as rebels.

Set in the anime fantasy land of Bleach manga, the player has the freedom to choose and customise six characters which will then progress into battle together. The player can choose the group makeup and assign various roles to each team member. Different roles are granted different bonus rewards which help determine the team set up. The game, while giving the freedom to choose different roles, has an automated game mode, which leaves the player with no say in the method in which the battle will turn out. The courses are preset; however, the characters can pull off iconic moves from the manga series. Players can increase their powers using spirit stones.

The players start off in a PVE (player vs. environment) mode and progress to a PVP setting as the game advances. The game offers plenty of daily challenges in both modes to win awards and currency which enhances the power of the player.

The forums help the players master the moves assigned to each character and learn the tips and tricks of the game, as well as provide their feedback on the updates.