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Restarting game

23.06.2017, 21:30
Hello, I need help with something.
I had already completed the first two quests a few days ago and was planning on doing the third quest today. When I logged into the game though (through this website) I was back at the "select main character" screen and my character was back at Lvl 1?

I have no idea how or why this happened. But if I cannot go back to my original level from before and try to level up again, will I still be able to finish the 3rd quest, or will it be invalid for me?

Thank you in advance.
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RE: Restarting game - 24.06.2017, 01:44
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You can still do it, since you've contacted about it.
If it gets rejected, just resubmit, ...
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RE: Restarting game - 05.08.2017, 13:55
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Did you remember what server you were playing on?
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