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Welcome to the Fiesta Online Forum....

Fiesta Online is a 3D anime style MMORPG developed by OnsOne Soft LTD and published by gamigo AG. Fiesta was originally published in 2006, but re-released by a different studio in 2007 until it was taken over by gamigo AG.

The game is a combat and strategy game based on anime and is set in the land of Isya. Players adopt a character at the start of the game and proceed to carry out missions, become part of guilds, build estates and fight with other players and monsters and NPCs. The game has three specific sets of skills that can be acquired throughout the game. Active skills are the skills learned through battle or adventure and have specific levels and classes as well as point requirements.

The player can update these skills as they advance through the game. Passive skills are those skills that a player learns from the environment and are not upgradeable because they take effect as soon as they are learnt. Alchemy skills are the skills of money making. These allow a character to make weapons and armour from magic stones, gain healing power and increase potion resistance.

Players advance through the game by killing monsters and battling other players to get gold, silver, and copper and gem points. The game allots titles to players throughout the game which they can apply to the beginning of their name. Fiesta also offers collectable cards which can be obtained from killing monsters and has an in-game wedding and estate feature.

The Fiesta Online game forums allow players to find guilds, learn how to develop specific skills, trade cards and leave suggestions for updates.