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Welcome, thanks for checking out the Warmonger forum. Here you can learn more about this MMO game and its many elements.

Warmonger is a game that combines many different aspects of gaming. It was previously known as Crush Online, and mixes massively multiplayer online, battle arena, and persistent world elements. Players have the opportunity to play as various characters from different factions. You can also choose from a wide selection of weapons loadouts.

You can take part in this battle of nations against either the game’s NPCs or other rival players. Once you’ve chosen a faction, your efforts will contribute towards a persistent world. As nations collide, you’ll have to contribute resources, build strongholds, and expand your territory to counteract the opposition.

The game features MOBA-style combat, and you’ll have to choose one of the game’s many characters in order to compete. Each of these has a set of abilities and skills that make them suited to certain situations. You’ll have to choose one that suits your gameplay style and the situation you’re facing. Each victory you take part in will gain territory, giving you greater access to battle resources.

Along with battles, there’s an element of base building in Warmonger. Every player has their own personal fortress that can be upgraded and reinforced. However, it’s also vulnerable to attack, meaning you’ll have to protect it no matter what. In the game, there’s also a politics systems. Each faction has an elected leader. If you progress far enough, you can be considered for this important role.

Here on the Warmonger forums, you’ll find topics of discussion related to various aspects of the game. You can also find a welcoming community of fellow players for you to connect with.