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Welcome to the Unlimited Ninja Forum.

Unlimited Ninja is a turn-based fantasy MMORPG that sees teams of Ninjas facing the nine-tailed Demon Fox and being tasked with using a variety of skills and resources to reach their goals. The games enables you to play alongside all the main characters from the show Unlimited Ninja and requires you to build a formidable clan of ninjas as you make your way through the game. You can summon Ultimate Tailed Spirits to help you during battle and will need to select from three schools, each of which have a different type of ninjutsu to master.

Tasks become increasingly challenging as the game develops. Players can unlock fighting techniques and personalised stats and can also take on fellow players in an arena PvP to find out who has the finest warriors. The tailed spirits can be used in PvE and PvP combat, and they can even be upgraded to make them more powerful. The game was first released in 2013 and has an AFK system, where characters can level up even when you are away from your machine. There are special bonuses and opportunities to obtain premium currency as well as a robust crafting system. All characters on your team can be customised and upgraded.

More and more players are registering for the Unlimited Ninja Forum. Why not join in today to share reviews, experiences, tips, tricks, find other players, make suggestions for future changes to the game and much more?