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Welcome to the Goodfellas 1930 forum! Here you can meet your fellow mobsters to discuss this mafia-based browser game.

Goodfellas 1930 is a German browser-based strategy game from seal Media GmbH, released in 2013. This title transports players to 1930s New York where they join the notorious American underworld. You start as a mere underling with big ambitions and must work your way up the mafia structure to become the godfather. However, the road to the top is not an easy one. You must defeat your opponents, conquer districts, and eradicate rival gangs.

Players start as a simple water carrier. In 1930s New Yok, there are plenty of opportunities to expand your reach, however. You must assemble a team of henchmen, take on jobs for pay, and fight battles against those who stand against you. Protection money, extortion, and the transport of illegal alcohol can all be lucrative business. However, the cops and your rivals will be watching your every move.

Goodfellas 1930 runs in any modern browser and contains many different elements, including strategy. You’ll have to direct your troops in violent street battles in order to crush your opponents. As you progress through the game, you’ll gain more respect, allowing you to hire more goons and take on more missions. Ultimately, you must work your way to the head of the family and become the ultimate mob boss of the era.

The game balances risk and reward nicely, and there are enough elements to keep you coming back for more. Your decisions and family members can make a huge difference to how successful you are.

On the Goodfellas 1930 forum, you can swap ideas and strategies about the game with other like-minded gamers.