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Attack on Moe is a tapping RPG game for mobile and browsers from developer Ignite Entertainment Limited. It features cute anime girls, a sword-wielding hero, and giant female enemies, the Moetan.

The game sees players have to tap or click to deal damage to the game’s enemies. As you defeat these monsters, you’ll gather gold which can be spend on improving your player and recruiting new teammates. Every five rounds, you’ll get the chance to take on one of the Moetans. Defeating one will let you capture them.

This is very much a game for adults. As you progress through the game, you can charm and undress the Moetans, revealing a variety of sexy scenes. Of course, to reach this level you’ll have to increase your power and skills. The game features microtransactions which can give you a significant advantage in advancing through the content.

If you’re a fan of anime-based adult games, there’s a lot to appreciate here. On the Attack on Moe forum, you can share your stories and get advice from gamers with similar interests.