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Welcome to the 4Story Forum. The life and soul of the game lives and breathes here. Feel free to use this area to share tips, offer ideas, suggest improvements for further updates, troubleshoot and more...

4Story is a really adventurous MMORPG which lets you apply your existing skills and learn new ones as you join in battles for castles and regions. There are dozens of quests and journeys to get lost in, and you can explore dungeons of secrets, take on formidable monsters and find fascinating treasures whilst helping to decide the fate of Iveria.

The game, developed by Zemi Interactive Entertainment, offers a host of options, including Territory Wars, which break out every day at certain times. Seize control of the land to obtain access to more exciting occasions and chances to find further treasures. The game is also known for its enormous quests and grand main quest line as well as its various sub and hidden quests. Each quests offers clues to find a secret quest and you can also get access to Legendary Weapons, which can level up your character - to a maximum level of 24.

There are 6 character classes in 4Story: Warrior, Knight of Darkness Shadow, Archer, Wizard, Priest and Ghost Whisperer. Which one have you been or which one to choose?

Delve around this forum which may hold vital quest lore or dungeon knowledge that may come in handy sooner than you'd imagine!