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Rail Nation is a 2-dimensional strategy based MMO developed and published by Travian Games in 2013. The game is a free to play, a browser-based simulation that is available to anyone with internet access.

Set in America, the game gives players controls over America's rail lines over six eras. Players get to choose between two factions: the West Pacific Railroad or the Eastern Atlantic Railway, each battling for control over the continent's rail lines. Players then build a network of hubs and stations for their factions. A hub city is chosen for the main station,where the player needs to construct buildings that will facilitate the rails roads such as laboratories and engine sheds. Buildings are updated as the player advances and can be upgraded to bolster reach.

Players need to expand their control over the railway network spread across the continent and can do so by using the trains, building stations and using tactics to expand their hold. The trains can be used to pick up goods and deliver items to earn money and resources. Trains are linked to eras, the more you play, the more trains you will have. Eras are not tied to gameplay, so players can different era trains if they log in at the right time.

The gaming forums that cater to Rail Nation players allow them access to messaging facilities allowing real-time interaction, help players trade resources and give them the option to strategize better.