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Welcome to the SAO’s Legend Forum...

SAO’S Legend is a GameSprite MMORPG that allows players to explore the world of Aincrad as their pick of four Sword Art Online characters. Players can obtain rare goods and Girl Friends during challenges in a number of instanced dungeons. The game was released in June 2016 and is based on and inspired by Sword Art Online.

The game features daily events, guilds, mounts and gear that can be upgrade via polishing and the addition of gemstones and crystals. Once you have progressed to higher levels, you can unlock a Divine Weapon, which will vastly enhance your strength and battle capabilities. Girl Friends include Dragon Masters and Berserker Healers. Girl Friends are also known as pets and can follow you around and assist you in battle. There are three guilds to join, and coupons can be acquired and used in exchange for gear. You can even find a partner and marry them. There are also special events throughout the year where exclusive items can be obtained via quest, challenge and participation success.

Each SAO character has different classes and skill trees, whist Instances include the Gear and Aincrad Instances, with different dungeons being pursued to obtain rewards. Famous characters from Sword Art Online can join you in battle.

More and more SAO’s Legend players are using the forum to exchange tips and tricks, post and read reviews and suggest new ways for the game to be improved. Why not sign up for the SAO’S Legend forum today?