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Thanks for checking out the Legend Online forum! Expore the various discussion topics or start your own and start connecting with new players. In Legend Online, you’ll get the chance to build your very own city and explore the darkest dungeons. This free to play browser-based game comes from developers Oasis Games and was the most popular game on Facebook in 2012. It’s been localised into over ten different languages, meaning you can find payers from all over the world on the Legend Online forum. You’ll start the game by choosing the class you want to play as. Whether you’re a Magician, Warrior, or Archer, you’ll have a unique set of skills and abilities to help you through combat. Each has the strengths and weaknesses, so you must choose one that matches your playstyle. As you win battles, you’ll gain experience and level up to become more powerful. The game features a crafting system that lets you create many different weapons and items. As you progress through Legend Online, you’ll collect different resources that you can spend on improving your gear. In Legend Online, you can play both PVE content and take part in PVP action. You can fight other players or team up to defeat the game’s harder content. If you’re a solo player, then you can just enjoy the main storyline and progress your character as you go. If you’re a fan of turn-based RPG games, Legend Online presents a good choice. It has all of the classic elements you’d expect, as well as some unique twists. On the Legend Online forum, you can connect other gamers and discuss anything related to the game. Start exploring the threads today or create your own and get the conversation started.