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The Online-RPG NosTale was developed by Entwell and published by Gameforge. It has been available to play as a browser game since 2012 and is free-to-play. Your character faces countless hostile monsters and embarks on various breathtaking adventures in an extensive fantasy world.

Starting off you take on the role of a young, inexperienced adventurer. Now you must decide between three unique classes. Your choices range from undertaking the way of the swordsman, or the archer or the mage. As you hone your skills and become more adept in your chosen path you will be able to choose from specializations enhancing your character even further. Your character is also distinguished by a mix of gear and special abilities. Weapons, jewelry, clothing, skills and even hairstyles can be used to create your very own hero.

As you travel around the world living a life full of adventure you will come across varying creatures, some of which can be tamed and become companions. An interesting aspect of NosTale that makes it so compelling is that you can actively influence occurrences depending on the decisions that you take. You can play with your friends and they can aid you in your endeavors. Thousands of players from all over the world are at your disposal.

Become a member of the NosTale forums today, to gain access to like- minded players who can partake in your adventures. Glean new insights and discuss tips, tricks and the intricacies of NosTales character development.