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Rocket Arena is a new FPS arena game from Nexon America and Final Strike Games. It’s available to beta test on PC and Xbox One, and a PS4 version is expected soon. The game features cross-platform play and is multiplayer focused, giving players the chance to interact with many different gamers.

Like many popular games at the moment, Rocket Arena features arena combat, bright graphics, and frantic matches. However, it’s not quite as violent as games such as Fortnite, as players can’t kill each other; only knock them out of the arena.

The game takes place in a strange world called Crater, where the most popular pastime is blasting each other with rockets. In the Rocket World Championship Tour, players come from far and wide to take part. With many different mechanics and game modes, it’s a game with tons of content to offer.

If you love the game or want to find out more about it, the Rocket Arena forum is the perfectly place to begin, if we do say so ourselves. Get stuck in today.