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You have discovered The Outpost Nine: Episode 1 forum… here, you can discuss the nuances, gameplay, and story of this chilling game.

The Outpost Nine: Episode one is an 80s retro-futurism inspired point and click horror game. It was released by developer Benjy Bates in 2018 to positive reviews. It’s a game that’s predominantly text-based and takes inspiration from the classic movie franchise Alien. Despite its seemingly simple nature, the game is incredibly atmospheric and tense.

The premise of the game is similar to that of Aliens. A small crew of miners arrive at the distant moon Cobalt Paradise and are tasked with preparing ‘The Outpost’ mining facility for more arrivals. They pick up a distress signal from a nearby vessel, only to discover a horrifying scene. Two disfigured pilots are found among the wreckage, and one remains alive. As the crew brings the survivor back to The Outpost, a terrifying series of events unfolds. It turns out a deadly parasite is now loose in the facility.

Although there are point and click parts to this game, there are also visual novel style cut-scenes which drive the story forward. As you progress through the game, you’ll have to make choices about what happens next. Each choice has a consequence, and you’ll have to make the right ones to survive.

You have no weapons to fight the game’s antagonist and must instead rely on the beeping of your motion scanner to alert you to his whereabouts. Your only option is to hide and hope he doesn’t find you.

On The Outpost Nine: Episode 1 forum, you can chat about all aspects of this great little game. Share theories and fan art, and connect with other fans of the title.