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If you’ve ever wished to live like a medieval lord, Stronghold Kingdoms may well be for you. Stronghold Kingdoms is described as the globe’s first persistent castle MMO and allows you to eliminate ruthless tyrants, fund your war, assume ownership of neighbour resources, raise carrel and much more. The stat-heavy game offers players a real sense of achievement with statuses including ‘Besieger of the Month’ and ‘Banquet King’. You can interact with other players to talk strategies and strengthen allegiances, beginning life as a peasant before enjoying numerous promotions and obtaining valuable research points as your status, power and responsibilities grow. Before long, you’ll see your parishioners and vassals constantly approaching you for advice and leadership.

Pit your wits against the toughest of enemies, build robust castle defences before launching counter attacks to smash your enemies, plot the ideal village, strategically arrange buildings in order to boost productivity and explore a sizeable research tree to gain a real edge over your enemies. The game also enables you to join a faction and crush its rivals. What’s more is that Stronghold Kingdom is entirely free to play, so there’s no need to set cash aside for upfront payments or subscriptions. You can even explore and play in this exciting medieval world with established and new online friends.

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