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Welcome to Clash of Avatars forums

Developed and published by AMZ games, Clash of Avatars is a free to play ARGP that can be accessed from any browser online. The game is available on the AMZ games website where it can be accessed by any modern device. Released in January 2016, the game is available in Beta version and is a 3D MMORPG with automated gameplay. Clash of Avatars is set in a fantasy world, full of monsters, dungeons and warriors. The player has to progress through the game by completing quests, fighting bosses and combating other players, all the while gaining points and XP to increase level and battle rating.

The game has simple controls and boasts of a friendly user interface, which make for an easy game learning experience. Players get to choose avatars from three classes: Mage, Warrior or Priest. Each class comes with their unique set of skills and powers. The game features Avatar technology, i.e., the player can change the character appearance as well as boost statistics. The game is automated, which allows you to multitask as you complete quests and battle bosses and players. Over sixty avatars are available to unlock and obtain as you progress in the game.

The forums for Clash of Avatars allows discussions on battle strategies, enables players to choose their opponents and suggest updates and point out errors and bugs within the game to the game developers.