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Prison Wars is a browser based MMORPG that has been available as a beta version since February 2016. The game is available for every modern browser and is free-to-play. Your goal: garner your fellow combatants’ respect and complete various exhilarating tasks.

Right away you are thrust into prison and your life behind bars begins. While you get to design your character during your incarceration proceedings, its customization is far from over. As you progress through the game or spend money on the game’s innate currency you will unlock additional modifications that can be applied any time. Prison life can be tough and lethal for the unprepared; the games tutorial shows you everything you need to know and lets you practice important mechanics. Prison Wars will send you on missions, upon their successful completion you gain experience and can progress to the next level. You might be asked to initiate a brawl, cause a distraction or bribe a guard.

When you acquire enough experience points you level up and gain increased traits and ability points. These points can be used to increase certain abilities like strength, defense and agility. Additionally you will unlock new training exercises that teach you advanced moves and let you hone your skills for upcoming missions. This lets you become more powerful, controlling ever more areas in prison. Eventually you can form a gang and thus, keep other prisoners in check

Check by the Prison Wars forum right here at Bananatic whenever possible to get all the latest buzz on this fun browser game.