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Welcome to One Piece 2 Pirate King Forum.....

One piece online is an anime based 2D MMORPG made available to audiences in July 2015 and developed by Joy Games. The game is unlicensed and free to play, available on the game webpage through any modern browser.

Set within the story of the popular anime Manga One piece, the game is a sequel to the original One Piece game which follows the story of a pirate and his friends on the mission to find One Piece and become Pirate King. Players can choose from one of four character classes at the beginning of the game: Sailor, sniper, Dark Mage and sniper, all of which offer specific characteristics unique to the class. The characters then embark on a journey to meet and recruit characters from the anime series into the team. Higher level characters can be recruited using in-app purchases with regular and premium currency.

The game offers both PvE and PvP modes, such as Elite battles, Team battles and Pirate battles. Players move from one location to the other fighting NPCs, villains from the One Piece Anime and collecting points and rewards. The combat system of the game is mostly automated, allowing players the option of multitasking through the battles. Players can sign up for Pirate battles every week to test their strength against other players, team battles to play versus other parties or partake in quests and missions.

The One Piece Forum allows players to follow the story of the anime, find opponents for the Pirate Battles, team members for multiplayer challenges and discover solutions to various levels within the game.