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Thanks for visiting our Zula forum! Here, you can find topics of discussion related to all areas of this entertaining FPS game.

Zula is a game developed my Madbyte Games and IDC Games. It’s a free-to-play first person shooter that sees two teams fight it out across a series of different maps. Zula is packed full of weapons, characters, and locations, making it a fun and varied game.

There are two main groups in this title; the Zula and the Gladyo. The former is a vigilante group out to stop terrorists, and the latter is a paramilitary organization. Once you’ve picked a side, you have a choice of 16 different playable characters you can play as. Each of these features their own weapons, stats, and strengths. In order to be successful, you’ll need to have a team that has a good balance of skills and weapons.

In Zula, you have access to over 150 different weapons. This huge range of arms to choose from means you can experiment to find ones that work for your playstyle. Don’t forget though, certain situations require specific weapons and approaches. Whichever weapons you choose, you can customize and upgrade them as you play through the game.

This game is suitable for both casual and more serious players. There are ranked matches and rankings ladders, as well as casual modes and a variety of different game types. Whether you want to jump in and play or aim to be a pro gamer, Zula has plenty to offer.

On the Zula forum, you’ll be able to find other players who are enthusiastic about the game. Talk strategy, swap stories, and connect with other gamers to play with. Start the discussion today.