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Naruto Online - the Forum for the fans of the Japanese teams.

Are you fascinated by the adventures of Naruto and his friends, one of the most famous manga and anime titles? Thanks to "Naruto Online" you have a chance to play these characters. There are plenty of tips on how to get the most out of the game!

Even people who do not really like the Japanese world will still connect with Naruto. Animated films about this hero have conquered the hearts of thousands of people - after all of us in our youth dreamed (or dreamed of) having extraordinary powers and great friends that you can always rely on. "Naruto Online" is a browser game aimed at fans of young warriors but also for people who just like good MMORPGs.

The universe of this game is fascinating - the anime's climate is interspersed with the charm and mystery of ancient Japan. In the beginning you have to decide which character we will play, and then leave the village of Konoha to grow as a ninja. During your expedition you will meet many allies, but also numerous dangerous enemies - some of them are controlled by the game. Of course, you can also clash with characters that are played by other players. Successes allow you to gain experience points and valuable items needed for the next stage of the game.
The forum brings together people who want to find tips on how to better manage the game, develop their character faster, and share experiences with other players. You can also get help here if you "get stuck" on a mission.
The Country of Blossoming Cherry is undoubtedly beautiful, but also wild and dangerous - it's better to stick with your friends!