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Welcome to the Champions Online Forum...

Champions Online is an online free to play MMO superhero game developed by Cryptic Studios and published by NCSOFT, based off the Champions license. Released in November 2007, Champions Online is only available to users accessing the game from Microsoft Windows.

Set within the Champions universe, the game features a land of dinosaur-infested islands, sprawling urban civilisations, underground ruins and underwater caves. The players can play against each other, as well as form teams to battle the Nemesis they create within the universe. The game also features a Superhold mode, where the player can transform into a supervillain to escape the battle.

A largely combat-based game, Champions Online features several game aspects, allowing players to battle enemies without the usual heavy armour and pick/drop items features. The battle suits are all customisable and the players are granted full freedom to design and customise their character. Players can also choose their character's movement animations and edit the colour and firing positions of their heroes. Gold members of the game can also change the skills and powers of their characters. Champions also allow teams to create their own Nemesis, and follow a series of clues to an ultimate showdown with the custom Nemesis. The game also features non-combat strategies, such as Magic, science and Arms. Also provided are a variety of travelling methods that do not conform to the ordinary.

The Champions Online forum allow players to understand the game rules and quirks better, devise custom designs for players and enemies, as well as build teams and discuss game strategies.